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Injection Molding

Injection molded parts ranging from prototypes to high-volume production. Learn More
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CNC Machining

CNC machined parts with up to 5th-axis capability: Milling, Turning, Wire EDM & Sinker EDM. Learn More
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Urethane Casting

Cast urethane & silicone parts, prototype & low-volume with production level quality. Learn More
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Injection Mold Tooling

Tool design & build ranging from single cavity prototype/bridge tooling to multi-cavity production tooling for high volume injection molded parts. Learn More
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3D Printing

Transform your 3D file into a physical part with incredibly accurate detail. Learn More
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Post- Processing

A wide range of post-processing services including but not limited to: Assembly, Pad-Printing, Sonic Welding, Painting & Finishing. Learn More


TenX is a manufacturing company providing on-demand manufacturing services in prototype and production volumes. With a wide range of in-house services, our company prides itself in producing the finest quality products with on-time deliveries.

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Close up spruce or injection molding of toy

A Guide to Improving Your Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic injection molding is one of the most common manufacturing processes because of its ability to produce identical parts at a rapid rate. Almost every industry has some demand for plastic injection molded parts; a wide variety of consumer products are manufactured by injection molding, which varies greatly in their size, complexity, and application.

A large deflated powerbank on a white table

The Prototype Development Process for Electronic Enclosures
All electronics have one thing in common — they are vulnerable to the elements. Moisture, dust and any other debris can quickly turn a useful product into a useless paperweight. Your customers understand the fragility of any electronic product and will naturally prefer items that are well-built, sturdy and attractive. It takes a solid enclosure to ensure predictable functionality along with eye-catching visual appeal for your product.

Metal tool for molding rubber products

Aluminum vs Steel Tooling
Have you been looking for an alternative to traditional steel molding? Are you interested in reducing cycle time and costs? Aluminum tooling may be the answer for you. Aluminum tooling has many benefits that make it a viable option these days. What are these benefits?

Trevor Froundfelter Prism Plastics
I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for turning the SLA’s out for us so quickly. From the start, with the quick response and quote to receiving the final, painted and assembled SLA’s is the reason why we choose Schmit Prototypes. This was a time crucial and difficult project and you guys pulled it off with ease. Our customer was very pleased and extremely impressed with the outcome of the prototypes. Thank you for making us look good. I look forward to working with you guys again.
Sohrab Vossoughi President ZIBA Design, Inc.
Last week a large number of Zibites stood in amazement before what we unanimously recognized as a monumental accomplishment…and evidence of extraordinary teamwork! ZIBA Design is highly impressed with Schmit Prototypes and their contribution to the success of this program. Many thanks to you, your exceptional project managers, and all of your staff…we know this program affected each and all of the Schmit team as it did ours. I’m sure you appreciate our reservations at the project’s outset. We were looking for a partner to jump with us into somewhat uncertain waters. You convinced us of your capability and your professional commitment to going the distance…and you delivered as promised. On behalf of all of ZIBA, many, many thanks!
Andre P. Wilke Mechanical Engineer Project Coordinator BIT7 Inc.
I thought I’d pass along some good news. The prototype device that your company made parts for performed very well at our clients’ medical show. There were no problems at all! I’d like to personally thank you and the people at your company who filled our order. You made dimensionally accurate, aesthetically pleasing parts on time and reasonably priced. And that’s no small accomplishment. Your efforts contributed significantly to a successful outcome with our client-who, as a result, has informed us of several additional projects they would like us to work on. Please pass my compliments along to the people involved.

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