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Post-Processing Services

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TenX Manufacturing offers a comprehensive range of post-processing services alongside its core manufacturing capabilities. With post-processing services such as painting (liquid and powder coating), assembly, sonic welding, pad printing, and others, all under the same roof; we can provide added value to customers with streamlined operations, improved quality control, cost efficiency, enhanced customization and faster time to market.

Horizontal color image of plastic parts of wheels for suitcases and chairs. Production line in large factory, production of plastic goods.
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Outsourcing assembly services can often be costly, involving additional expenses such as transportation, communication and markup fees. With in-house post-processing provided by TenX, unnecessary costs are eliminated.
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Companies benefit from a manufacturing experience where they can have their products produced and finished under one roof, meeting specifications without the need to coordinate with multiple vendors.
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From rapid prototyping to iterative design improvement and quick adjustments based on feedback, get to market quicker with TenX, gaining a competitive edge in industries where speed is crucial.

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