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Aluminum vs Steel Tooling

Have you been looking for an alternative to traditional steel molding? Are you interested in reducing cycle time and costs? Aluminum tooling may be the answer for you. Aluminum tooling has many benefits that make it a viable option these days. What are these benefits?

  1. Aluminum is easier to cut than steel which allows for faster machining and shorter lead times.
  2. Although Aluminum is perceived to be too soft for high volume production, this is simply not true. Some Aluminum molds are capable of producing parts after 2 million cycles!
  3. Aluminum cools at a much quicker and even rate than Steel. This reduces cycle time and saves money.
  4. Since Aluminum is so light it can be machined on smaller equipment and also at a faster pace.
  5. Aluminum dissipates heat at a very even rate, which allows for great dimensional stability due to less distortion.
  6. There is far less scrap because there is far less cracking and warping.

Aluminum is often looked at as weak, soft material that is no good for high volume production. However, Aluminum can in fact be used for high volume. It can also be machined faster and dissipates heat at a much quicker, even rate than Steel does. As a result of this, often times lead times are shortened and money is saved. Who doesn’t want to save money?

As for the longevity of Aluminum tooling, surface coatings can extend the already impressive life cycle. Many companies are now using Aluminum for production instead of just prototype work.

TenX Manufacturing offers low-cost aluminum and steel tooling. Most of our inserts are created using Aluminum. Our in-house capabilities allow for aggressive lead times on tooling and a quick response to tool modifications.

Our knowledge of the benefits of Aluminum tooling has helped our customers save time and money. Give us a call today to find out if Aluminum tooling can do the same for you!

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