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Custom Prototyping for Consumer Goods

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The United States is a world leader in consumer goods market research, product innovation, manufacturing, and branding and marketing.

Our injection molding capabilities can help at the initial design phase, through custom-molded prototypes of new patent models, all the way through to fully functional parts. Our team will find a custom prototyping solution to fit your consumer goods needs with custom molded plastic products that streamline the production process.

Our consumer goods plastic injection molding design team knows how important it is to get every detail perfect with custom prototyping. Our precision and attention to detail throughout the entire injection molding process ensures your consumer goods will set the standard for the quality, production and assembly of the final product.

Custom Prototyping to Custom Molded Product

As custom prototype manufacturers, we see countless consumer good projects arrive at our desk. We transform these ideas into custom molded plastic products that help consumer goods come to life. Lee Buboltz’s project at Moving Target, Inc. was no exception. His idea received all the necessary attention from our team, guiding his project from the creation of an initial concept to final production. From big-time players in the consumer goods industry to small-time inventors, we treat each project as an opportunity to create a unique custom molded product in a timely fashion with injection molding for consumer goods.

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Working closely with Buboltz, we were able to take his idea and provide design, tests and tooling for his groundbreaking handheld clay target thrower — a process we use for all the businesses we serve. By working with him on his vision, we were able to deploy our injection molding and custom prototyping service and get his target thrower to the sporting goods market.


Our injection molding company offers custom prototyping design and finishing, plus the in-house capacity to prototype through 3D printing, urethane molding and casting, CNC machining, aluminum and steel tooling and injection molding for consumer goods. Contact our team today to get your product to the market faster than your competition, trusting our team for custom prototyping and injection molding for your consumer goods.

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Lee Buboltz Moving Targets Inc.
Turning a dream into reality is no easy task! It calls for many unique skills and a real desire to go far beyond what others do. I was looking for a single source who had the technical skills and abilities I needed to take my idea from initial concept all the way to production. I found vendors who could do one thing well but were unable to go beyond their area of expertise. After a long search, I found TenX as the company that was able to provide what I was looking for. I came to them with an initial concept of a new type of handheld clay target thrower for the sporting goods market. They were able to provide the experience and skills to take a new idea from idea to reality all in one location. I was very impressed with their abilities in design, prototyping, testing, tooling, and production. They were fantastic to work with and helped me each step of the way. They made sure each process flowed smoothly into the next. TenX helped me develop a product that not only looked great but one that could be produced in the real world. In dealing with other vendors I received second-class service. I was a small inventor and not given the same amount of attention and service as their larger accounts. I can truly say the team at TenX provided outstanding service from day one on my project. They showed a sincere interest in my project from the beginning and that same level of service and dedication carried through until the project was complete. It has been a great experience working with a dedicated technical team who knows what it is doing at each stage of a process. TenX have given me great advice and service, which has allowed me to make my dream a reality. I highly recommend TenX to my peers and would recommend them to anyone with a project that needs to be on time and on budget!


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