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CNC Turning

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Precision & Excellence: TenX Manufacturing’s CNC Turning Services

At TenX Manufacturing, our CNC turning services are dedicated to providing precision machining solutions for a wide range of industries. CNC turning, also known as lathe machining, is a subtractive manufacturing process where a computer-controlled cutting tool removes material from a rotating workpiece to create cylindrical shapes, intricate contours, and precise features. Whether you require custom prototypes, replacement parts, or large production runs, TenX Manufacturing’s CNC turning services are equipped to deliver precise and high-quality machined components tailored to your specifications. Our dedication to advanced machining technologies and quality control ensures that we meet the demands of diverse industries with excellence.

CNC Lathe processing

What is CNC Turning

CNC turning, or computer numerical control turning, is a machining process used in manufacturing to produce cylindrical components by rotating a workpiece on a lathe while a cutting tool removes material from it. This process is highly automated and controlled by computer programs, allowing for precise and efficient production of parts with varying shapes, sizes, and intricacies.

At TenX Manufacturing, our state of the art facility operates under an ISO9001:2015 certified production process, combined with a highly trained & experienced staff we ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

CNC external diameter turning

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